. Surprisingly, is a 30 year old glasses male, is said to be a big lead secretary. After a group of people welcome, flew the topic of fair campaign to the desktop. Although the young men are young, but doing things very level, first a few words called not to third level martial art campaign because of fear of campaign too many people, after the increase in the contest, may be some of the physical strength caused by too much to As for those who are not fair. And then it is very natural to say the words of apology, said that did not take into account the presence of most people s CCENT feelings, and immediately add three martial art of elect. ion places. But this quota is not issued according to the number of martial art, but let the three martial arters to choose their own Ye Hao, contest competition worth mentioning, in short, a total of more than sixty three martial art and family, you can choose ten campaign deacon, you can also choose Out of the two CCENT it exam men. Quota does not overlap. Sixty martial art, two places, than before someone shouting a quota is also more than doubled. This is Cisco Certification the next three martial artists are happy. The beginning of the thirty third chapter contest The beginning of the thirty third chapter contest Young people doing things, that is, it is more simply, this young leader of the glasses did not say how much opening did not, and announced the election began. First of all, Of course, the first service campaign. Quota has been on behalf of the identity, the rest i

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640-823 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 Cisco CCENT