s straight rub, his mouth also issued Aoao low dumb cry, like a very spoiled child. He immediately forgive him, turned to ride up, Cisco Certification along the way is very smooth, leisurely leisurely Akira to the CCNA Industrial it exam Haba village. Safe landing, the two hanging the heart finally fell down, Li guide simple and honest congratulations to their success summit. Little girl, finally completed a few years ago, the top of the desire, it is worth celebrating Yu Yan fiercely nodded Yes ah yes ah, no regrets, thank you, Li Big Brother. When entering the room, Li Jiayao is cooking, dinner is very rich, the main course or that plate special bacon, fat but not greasy, there is a pot of pickled fish, fried vegetables, tomato egg soup. vegetables are Yu Yan Li Jiayao pulled out from their own, fresh very, really when the table when a faint fragrance. Appetite is excellent, bacon is not a bit to be robbed of light, fish and vegetables are also running out. Yu Yan Baji mouth, infinite grievances Brother, you big liar, the afternoon said to lose weight at night and I grab meat to eat. Treasure ah, good, climb the day of the mountain, consume too much, no, hungry, must add energy, or how can the strength to lose weight He picked her last piece of meat. Baby eat more, or no effort CCNA Industrial at night to sleep. Zhao Shuai with evil evil laugh, a slow, he began to heart aunt, real

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200-601 Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies Cisco CCNA Industrial