how am I to win the Seven Kingdoms without such risks Am I Cisco Certification to conquer Westeros with one exile knight and three Dothraki bloodriders His jaw set stubbornly. Y. our path is dangerous, I will not deny that. But if CCNA Voice you blindly trust in every liar and schemer who crosses it, you will end as CCNA Voice it exam your brothers did. His obstinacy made her angry. He treats me like some child. Strong Belwas could not scheme his way to breakfast. And what lies has Arstan Whitebeard told me He is not what he pretends to be. He speaks to you more boldly than any squire would dare. He spoke frankly at my command. He knew my brother. A great many men knew your brother. Your Grace, in Westeros the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard sits on the small council, and serves the king with his wits as well as his steel. If I am the first of your Queensguard, I pray you, hear me out. I have a plan to put to YOU. What plan Tell me. Illyrio Mopatis wants you back in Pentos, under his roof. Very well, go to him but in your own time, and not alone. Let us see. how loyal and obedient these new subjects of yours truly are. Command Groleo to change course for Slaver s Bay. Dany was not certain she liked the sound of that at all. Everything she d ever heard of the flesh marts in the

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
200-001 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (VIVND) Cisco CCNA Voice
640-461 Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration v8.0 Cisco CCNA Voice