eatness of individual na tions. The truth is, it would increase it and that is precisely what the largest nations, whose inde pendence is assured by power, not by law or justice, are afraid of. For then no longer would only the largest nation always get its way automatically, but the consid erations of Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist it exam all nations would have to be heard equally. And no longer would the largest nations be able to control and hoard the mass of the world s resources, but would be required Cisco Certification to share them more equally, render them accessible more readily, provide their benefits more uniformly to all the world s people. A worldwide government w. ould level the playing field and this idea, while driving to the core of the debate regarding basic human dignity, is anathema to the world s haves, who want the Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist have nots to go seek their own fortunes ignoring, of course, the fact that the haves control all that others would seek. Yet it feels as though we are talking about redistribution of wealth here. How can we maintain the incentive of those who do want more, and are willing to work for it, if they know they must share with those who do not care to work that hard First, it is not merely a qu

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840-425 Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques Cisco Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist