et as Liu Sijian, it thinks he is Cisco Business Value Specialist still better to deal with, at least not as green woman so fierce It is wrong, really wrong. Living in the world, as well as the beginning of hell, Liu Sijian is not as green. But now, his supernatural powers, mana, that is strong out of green one or two into, it is no problem. So, this monster, is simply looking for death Liu Sijian jump up, but, with his jum. p up, he has been raised to the top of the Golden Eagle sword, swing out of the swing. A lightning golden light, through the water layer, with thunderbolt trend, attack to the monster. Monster body huge, dodge bad, just turned around, the tip of the tip to suffer a blow, most of the tail was cut down It pain straight up the body, miserable a Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam cry, this is a long time, with our modern time, there must be a minute Cisco Certification Huge sound waves were shocked to shake the water layer, splashing water he and her, is the two ears humming, eardrum pain. But the monster was irritated. After the tragic, it will head forward, quickly rushed to Liu Sijian, much with his mean to die. Liu Sijian but Lengheng. a bit, c

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist