k, you do not see this process. Even if you are conceptually aware of it, to you it is all happening now. The rock isn t becoming a rock it is a rock, right here Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam right now. Yet if you were the consciousness Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist of one of the. submolecu lar particles inside that rock, you would experience yourself moving at insane speed, first here, then there. And if some voice outside the rock said to you, It is all happening at once, would call it a liar or a charlatan. Still, from the perspective of a distance from the rock, the idea that any part of the rock is separate from any other part, and, further, is moving around at insane speed, would appear to be the lie. From that distance could be seen what could not Cisco Certification be seen up close that all is One, and that all the movement hasn t moved anything. You have it. You have a grasp of it. What you are say ing and you are correct is that life is all a matter of perspective. If you continue to see this truth, you will begin to understand the macro reality of God. And you will have unlocked a secret of the whole universe Al of it is the same

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200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist