into a magic sleep. The horses at once ran away and hid themselves in the clouds, which hung down from the mountains in soft billowy masses. W. hen the Prince awoke and found that both the mare and the foal had disappeared, he bethought him at once of the eagle, and taking the feather out of his pocket he blew it into the air. In a moment the bird swooped down beside him and asked What do you wish me to do My mare and foal, replied the Prince, have run away from me, and have hidden themselves in the clouds if you wish to save my life, restore both animals to me. Wait a minute, answered the eagle with the help of my friends I will soon drive them back to you. With these words the bird flew up into the air and disappeared among the clouds. Almost directly Cisco Certification Iwanich saw his two horses being driven towards him by a host of eagles of all sizes. He caught the mare and foal, and having thanked the eagle he drove them cheerfully home again. The old witch was more disgusted than ever when she saw him appearing, and having set his supper before him she stole into the stables, and Iwanich heard her abusing the horses for not. having hidden themselves better in the clouds. Then Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist she bade them hide themselves next morning, as soon as Iwanich was asleep, in the King s hen house, which stood on Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist it exam a lonely part of the heath, and to remain there till she called. If they failed to do as she told them she would certainly beat them thi

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
600-511 Designing with Cisco Network Programmability for ACI (NPDESACI) Cisco Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist