ig man will come here, grasp the opportunity, the future will have the day of his death. Lin Hao did not ask who is the big man, promised down, they hung up the phone. Please ask you to cook ah Zhang Jing asked. Well. Lin Hao nodded his head. Zhang Jing is really do not understand, Lin Hao Ming can make money, why go to the restaurant to work, but he then from time to time leave, and did not go to no difference, loss of their Cisco Specialist it exam boss can tolerate, did not expel him, but This is Lin Hao food t. o do the delicious reason for it Lin Hao has just done a table of food are finished, she is still something more to do it yet The next day, Lin Hao came to the kiosk, in fact, he did not want to come here, Liu Ning inexplicable disappear do not say, there are nasty Li Bing and Zhao wide. But Li Bing is not coming from time to time, nothing more than to install b, it touches this Zhao wide hateful, do not know how to encounter so many inner metamorphosis, Lear this Cisco Certification person is, all narrow minded, arrogant Side, but also threaten yourself. Came to the kitchen, some happened to meet the waitress have greeted him, and some even look of worship, after all, that the cooking test, Cisco Specialist Lin Hao out of the limelight, even those referees are from the better. If you can find such a powerful person to do her husband, it is the best. But Lin Hao can. not

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700-801 IoT Sales Fundamentals Cisco Cisco Specialist