ntly, the kind of damage caused by the shock to her, she was simply unable to bear, so, in this double under the attack of the attack, eventually led to her fainting wake. Feng Ling children after a period of rest, and, as well as Liu Sijian s words open solution, and finally is basically restored, in Liu Sijian after she picked up, and soon, she is able to take care of themselves. Two came to Wei ei. ght in front of Wei eight is the eyes of tears in tears The owner, to allow her husband to take her back to heal, she is older, but also the mortal body, I am afraid she could not stand ah Old Wei, we go back to the inn, a good rest, I have here green sister to the drug, can be used for her healing which Liu Sijian said with concern, that is, the iron old lady propped up, Wei eight is her back on the back, with the display of the opening method, is toward the heart of the city where the inn, flying away. Back to the inn, Liu Sijian is to the boss to a room, the iron old lady placed in it, let Feng Cisco Unified Access Ling children car. e for her, Cisco Certification although the iron lady with Wei eight is a lover relationship, so many years do not Cisco Unified Access it exam meet, Have too many words to say, and this, of course, is entirely possible. However, if it is said to live, or separated as well, after all

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500-451 Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials Cisco Cisco Unified Access