farmer, catching sight of Little Klaus. Why are you lying there Come with me into the house. Then Little Klaus told him how he had lost his way, and begged to be. allowed to spend the night there. Yes, certainly, said the farmer but we must first have something to eat The wife received them both very kindly, spread a long table, and gave them a large plate of porridge. The farmer was hungry, and ate with a good appetite but Cisco Certification Little Klaus could not help thinking of the delicious dishes of fish and Optical roast meats and cakes Optical it exam which he knew were in the oven. Under the table at his feet he had laid the sack with the horse skin in it, for, as we know, he was going to the town to sell it. The porridge did not taste good to him, so he trod upon his sack, and the dry skin in the sack squeaked loudly. Hush said Little Klaus to his sack, at the same time treading on it again so that it squeaked even louder than before. Hallo what have you got in your sack asked the farmer. Oh, it is a wizard said Little Klaus. He says we should not eat porridge, for he has conjured

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-311 Cisco Optical SONET Exam (SONET) Cisco Optical
642-321 Cisco Optical SDH Exam (SDH) Cisco Optical