hat is, their own hands to eat, do not fo. llow their own, I m afraid will be starved to death. He took out his cell phone looked into the mountain even eight hours, and too fast it I SMB kill wild boar things, you do not say with others. Lin Hao suddenly looked at the woman one. I know. The SMB it exam woman nodded, she was now full, the spirit is also a lot, a little curious You just kill the wild boar is what ah Lin Hao does not hide, anyway, the other side has seen his hands have unusual things You do not say to others. He took out the shiny chopper and illuminated the entire cave. God, this is too incredible, comparable to the emergency lights ah. High tech only. Lin Hao do not want to do more explanation. The woman nodded, not Cisco Certification too much doubt that the world does have a lot of high tech, but she did not see. I called Yu Beibei. The woman introduced herself. I called Lin Hao. Lin Ho R. oad. He went into the cave and shone it with a lettuce This is very clean and we are here for a night. I have been hiding here for two days, here is full of beasts, did not go far, it was fo

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-179 SMB Solutions for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-196 SMB Specialization for Engineers Cisco SMB
650-256 SBF for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-395 Small Business for Engineers Cisco SMB